Willian Gaze Construction

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  • Introduction to Willian Gaze Construction

    Will called me one day and asked me a question about estimating. This lead onto a conversation about his business and Will signing up for the Growth Accelerator Programme.

    Willian Gaze Construction is based in London and its market has been domestic loft, basement, kitchen, bathroom conversions together with refurbishment work. Will has a talent for sales and negotiating sales. He then project manages the work by sub contracting out to high quality subcontractor from Poland.

    The partnership works well because the Polish contractors are hard working, deliver high quality finishes, but struggle with communications. Will communicates well and so the partnership works well.

    Will wants to grow the business so we carried out market research and developed a marketing strategy to allow him to generate more leads. A new website is in the progress of being build that will do just that.

  • Willian Gaze Construction


The intervention consisted of:

  1. The one page business plan
  2. The vital important tasks to deliver the plan
  3. Marketing strategy

The one page business plan
The one page business plan sets out the business strategy over a 3 year period that begins with the current year. The current and past profit and lost account is analysed together with the objectives of the business over the next 3 years. This information is mapped out and presented in a Orbit Chart.

The vital important tasks to deliver the plan
From the single page business plan we decide what the 3 most vitally important task are and agree an action plan.

Develop a strategic marketing plan

  • Analyze the market and create list of target companies and person
  • Develop killer web content for selling pages
  • Create powerful case studies
  • Decide what marketing channels are to be used – PPC, SEO, Social, Tele sales, Email, JV and others

Develop a communication plan

  • Build a new lead generation website
  • Create content for each persona and channel
  • Crete a communication activity calendar

Develop a marketing implementation plan

  • Set up the social media marketing channels with measurement tools
  • Set a budget and resource the activities
  • Monitor and measure the activates
  • Report to the board with the results

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