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    Building an Automated Marketing Machine

    Seguro health and safety is a company I own with two other owners and directors. It’s  run by my colleagues Ari and Colin. My involvement is strategy and direction at monthly board meeting. Its has been a life style business that has been generating sustainable and predicable profits for a number of years.

    We are now going to grow it for sale. The business is already set up for scaling up. It has high quality processes and systems for operations and finance. It is an online business that is fed from the website and inbound marketing.

    The business model is simple. Sales £300k Costs £180k Profit £120k Valuation £600k

    The mission is to sell it for £1.5m within 3 years. The plan below describes our strategy

  • Seguro Health and Safety


The intervention consisted of:

  • The one page business plan
  • The vital important tasks to deliver the plan
  • Restructure for growth
  • Marketing strategy
  • Communication plan
  • Marketing implementation

The one page business plan
The one page business plan sets out the business strategy over a 3 year period that begins with the current year. The current and past profit and lost account is analysed together with the objectives of the business over the next 3 years. This information is mapped out and presented in a Orbit Chart.

The vital important tasks to deliver the plan
From the single page business plan we decide what the 3 most vitally important task are and agree an action plan.

Restructure for growth
Ari my colleague for many years is retiring from the business. Its happens to all of us at some time. It’s good to plan these things ahead. He has headed the business up over the past eight years and has made it a very solid business with predicable and sustainable sales and profits. During this time we have trained other staff to take over the running of the business. Ari will still attend board meeting to give his input. The business has been set up with automated processes for marketing and operations. The plan now is to recruit to replace Ari and build the team on a year on year basis as sale build.

Marketing strategy
The strategy for this business is ramp up online products and marketing communications. The website has poor natural search and some pages do not convert as they should. Part of the strategy is to work on SEO to get all old and new product page ranking.

To assist in general communication and off page SEO back links high quality content is vital. A creative team is being deployed to create this content.

Communication plan
An activity calendar has been produced that describes the content to be delivered, in the channels it is to be delivered in and at what frequency. The activity calendar become the marketing plan on a annual basis. This gives the team direction and clarity.

Marketing implementation
Marketing implementation is carried out by a marketing assistant who operates the automated processes and monitors results. All marketing and sales are reported to the board meeting for control and new decision making.


55.7% increase on sales year on year

124% increase in lead Generation

The team at construction marketing have reviewed our full marketing function and delivered on the business plan agreed. We have seen an increase year on year in sales of 55.7% within the first two months showing that the strategy suggestions work. Our long term business plans include Construction Marketing on a monthly retainer basis to ensure we continue to carry out all the activities needed to continue with the growth achieved. We have had experience with a number of external consultants and none of them have provided the service we have and continue to enjoy form Construction Marketing. – Colin Carruthers MD – Seguro Management Ltd

Seguro Health and Safety

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