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Building a Business Development Plan For Growth

  • Introduction to David Ford Enterprises

    David found me on LinkedIn, we engaged, arranged a meeting and then David signed up for the Growth Accelerator Program. David is a high quality project manager and runs a Fit Out Contracting business. He has a number of regular clients and wanted to grow the business to allow it to generate improved profits for wealth generation.

    We spent some time working on the business model and then developed the strategic business plan including the vital important tasks to deliver the plan.

    Part of the work involved building a new lead generation website and coaching David on how to use it to generate leads.

  • David Ford Enterprises


The intervention consisted of:

  1. The one page business plan
  2. The vital important tasks to deliver the plan
  3. Business Development Plan
  4. Marketing implementation

The one page business plan
The one page business plan sets out the business strategy over a 3 year period that begins with the current year. The current and past profit and lost account is analysed together with the objectives of the business over the next 3 years. This information is mapped out and presented in a Orbit Chart.

The vital important tasks to deliver the plan

The 12 month single page plan was created and the key projects developed as follows:

VF1 – Generate Leads

  1. Develop a marketing strategy
  2. Develop a communication plan
  3. Create a communication calendar

VF2 – Build Marketing Collateral

  1. Plan a website
  2. Build a website
  3. Build social media channels

VF3 – Communication

  1. Automate social media communications
  2. Create a sales follow up process
  3. Create a proposal register
  4. Monitor progress

Business Development plan

Focused on definitive £targets for existing and new customers 2014 / 2015 , create and ensure successful implementation of business development plans for both the existing customer base and new clients. To include:

  • Sales targets / objectives
  • Existing Customer development plan
  • ‘Best fit target customer’ profiling.
  • Value proposition – design & agree
  • Sales engine – implement a lead generation and sales engine process, improving your ability to find and win new customers
  • CRM – review of available and suitable packages to support business growth and ‘real’ customer relationship management
  • Key accounts and key account management (if appropriate)

Marketing implementation

From the marketing strategy and communication plans developed from the GA program of work. Set up and skin Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and face book accounts. Set up Houtsuite to schedule updates and other communications. Set up Social Bro to measure performance. Train on use of Followers Frency for automated followers and Buzzfeed for content updates.

Coach on how to engage with prospects using social media to achieve a sales meeting.

Coach on the sales process of prospecting, making appointments, needs analysis and the sales conversation, presenting proposals to win, objective handling, and closing. Set up a CRM system that automates the sales process.


David Ford EnterprisesI have just completed the Growth Accelerator program with Bob being my coach. I wasn’t sure if the program was for me, but as it turned out I got a lot from it and the depth of experience and knowledge Bob has within the industry has been invaluable. I now have a clear path and direction to grow my business. I will work with Bob again in the future when I reach the next step. I would refer Bob Evans to any up and coming business owner, he makes business simple to understand and has a great understanding of marketing. David Ford Enterprises

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