Construction Marketing Tactics

Construction Marketing Tactics


  • Delivering the Plan

    Once you have your business and marketing strategy planned the next step is construction marketing tactics. This is the hardest part of marketing because it is the execution of the plan.

    Execution can be broken down into four sections:

    Set achievable objectives

    It is important to set no more than three objectives at any one time. Setting more will cause failure as nothing will ever be achieved. Other work objectives will take over.

    Develop a score sheet

    Nothing gets done if it is not measure. Make a simple score sheet with the main objective, then sub tasks that will drive the main objective. For example, if taking sales from £100k to £200k per month is the main objective. Measure the lead tasks that will cause the main objective to be achieved. For example, how proposals went out, how many proposals converted, how many leads came in.

    Hold weekly commitment meetings

    Tasks will not be achieved if your team does not commit to them. A 15minute weekly meeting with what was achieved last week and entered on to the score sheet. Then commitment from team members of what they will achieve this week makes team members accountable.

    Measure and adjust

    The score sheet allows tasks and team members to be measured. What gets measured gets done. If issues come to light they can be addressed and the plan adjusted.

    What Next
    We can do this for you or we can train and support your team to do it.

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  • Tell us About Your Business

    The more you can tell us about your business the better. Tell us what you do, who you sell to, where you think you are with your current marketing. Finally tell us what you would like to achieve over the next 12 months. We will then carry out some of our own research on your business and give you a call.


Construction Marketing Tactics, Steve Smith“Having only recently become acquainted with Bob, I am already in his debt for the blast of energy he has injected into my business plans and digital marketing strategy. Bob is a no-nonsense, task oriented, strategy driven leader with a great talent for cutting straight through the crap to get to what really matters.If you’re looking for a Business Mentor or Growth Accelerator Coach you’ll be hard pushed to find someone with a stronger pedigree in turning businesses into successful self-propelled money machines.

Bob’s advertised sector of expertise is Construction & Construction Inbound Marketing. I would argue that his skills and experience particularly his results focussed approach to Social & Internet Marketing are universally relevant, to any forward thinking business person, who’s serious about building a successful enterprise.

Oh and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. He loves what he does and when you meet him it’s easy to appreciate why he has been so successful in his own right. I refer Bob’s Construction Marketing Services to my clients when I can.

A genuine all round great guy!”

Steve Smith – MD Hyperext