Construction Marketing Strategy

Construction Marketing Strategy

  • Developing The Plan

    Our construction marketing strategy review enables you to get the most out of your Marketing Budget. We review your existing marketing strategies and tactics then show you where you can improve.

    We look at your current website and review its ability to produce the leads you are looking for. All aspects are reviewed including:

    • Content suitability
    • Calls to Action for engaging with your customer
    • Site structure and set up
    • Analytics review

    Webmaster Tools Review NB if you do not have a website or your website is old we can arrange a proposal to supply you with a high quality lead generation website fit for purpose that is fully compliant with the above.


    We provide you with a full report of our findings detailed in plain English describing the areas we have identified that need improvement.

    One off fixes will be carried out by us as part of this package and a list of additional actions will be provided for a plan of action.

    We then have two options:

    Option one

    We can provide you with a plan of activities that can be actioned by your in-house team. We can support your team as they work through the activities with guidance and advise.

    Option two

    We can provide you with marketing services to carry out the action plan for you.

  • Tell us About Your Business

    The more you can tell us about your business the better. Tell us what you do, who you sell to, where you think you are with your current marketing. Finally tell us what you would like to achieve over the next 12 months. We will then carry out some of our own research on your business and give you a call.



Construction Marketing Strategy, Brock Carmichael, Chris BollandA year ago we looked hard at ways to grow our business beyond the normal curve. Like many client focused consultancies we’d struggled with finding the time to refine and implement new business strategies, whilst also managing the delivery of all our important commissions. We had looked at growth accelerator, but following one of our regular conversations with our Bank’s Relationship Manager we took the plunge. We reviewed several prospective coaches from a short-list, but all focused immediately on Bob’s profile, not only had he grown his own businesses successfully but he had a construction background and experience of working with other creative services industries. Following our first meeting we knew he could help us, he has a relaxed plain talking approach and a skill to identify precisely what needs to be done.


Bob helped us re-structure the senior management of the business. The partners now have new roles and responsibilities aligned to their individual strengths, a formal regular board meeting with a new streamlined reporting structure and new management tools. After 6 challenging years this has re-invigorated the business and bought the partners much closer.  We are also now more efficient, and whilst Partners are still very focused on client delivery we now also have vital time dedicated to the business. This has suddenly bought our growth targets closer and made them tangible.  Following on from this, Bob is now working with us to deliver an effective inbound marketing campaign and regularly attends key practice meetings. In a short time he has become an invaluable adviser and a welcome addition to the team.


I would recommend Bob to anyone who wanted to grow their business. If you are prepared to try new strategies and look at things with fresh eyes I have no doubt Bob will help you achieve your goals. We use Bob’s Construction Marketing Services to support and train our team.


Chris Bolland – Managing Partner