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    We understand the construction market, it’s supply chain and how to get the best from any marketing budget. We are a no nonsense, say it as it is, get on with it team who deliver results. Our customer case studies will demonstrate what we do, how we do it and the results you can expect.

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  • Where we come from

    We come from the construction industry. Bob Evans our managing partner and senior consultant started off as a Joiner in the 70’s and has become a construction marketing expert having grown his own successful construction company from an idea to a multi million pond enterprise. He still owns construction companies and has helped other business owners grow theirs over the years. Amanda and Paul come from the world of inbound marketing, they have been working in the construction sector for many years and are guided by bob’s construction sector knowledge.

Meet Our Team – Construction Marketing Experts


  • Construction Marketing Experts, Bob Evans | Construction Marketing

    Bob Evans


    Senior Consultant

    When Bob was growing his construction company he got stuck on a £1.5m turnover. He went to Liverpool University for help and signed up for a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Programme). It was this programme that then helped Bob grow his business. Over the years Bob’s experience of marketing has grown. This together with his in depth knowledge of the sector makes Bob a unique resource for any construction company wishing to grow through marketing strategy. Bob is a natural leader and has built a construction marketing team second to none in this sector.

  • Amanda Edmonds

    Amanda Edmonds


    Senior Accounts Partner

    Amanda has been in marketing since leaving school which is too many years to mention. She has experience from direct marketing to fully integrated inbound marketing. Amanda has a direct no nonsense approach ensuring you get the best adviceat all times. She is a great inbound marketing strategist and knows how to bring in construction leads from a wide range of channels. Amanda is a great team leader and will help you shape up your marketing team with her in depth knowledge of what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done by. Amanda is a great asset for any business.

  • Paul Mason | Construction marketing

    Paul Mason


    Senior Accounts Partner

    Paul is a natural salesman and comes with a punch. He can pull in leads from a website you would not think was possible. He does this from his massive knowledge of google analytics. By understanding what is going on under the bonnet  of a website, he can adjust pages that then deliver results. Paul loves to deliver real results that convert leads into real sales that put cash into banks. The world has changed, we all look for services and products on the internet, it’s understanding how search marketing works that is essential. Paul has this knowledge, skill and lots of experience that he can share with you.

Our Services


  • construction marketing wirral, Strategy

    Marketing Consultancy

    The art to business growth is working out which markets suit your products and services best. The construction industry is diverse and can be complex. By working together we can make it easy. Learn more…

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  • Content Marketing

    Inbound Marketing Review

    Effective marketing will generate leads. Knowing where you are up to with your marketing is the first step of us being able to support you. We do this by carrying out a review. Learn more…

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  • How to Close a sale

    Inbound Marketing Packages

    The final step is to execute the action plans we will give you. We can do this for you, we can train and support your team or we can design a package that includes both options. Learn more…

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